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NOTE: is being redesigned.  Please be patient and check back. is an offshoot of Rogers Economics.  Guideline Economics focuses on analysis for individual cases—noncustodial and custodial parents, review of state child support guidelines, and educational material on child support and child cost studies.



Individual cases—noncustodial and custodial parents


Review of state child support guidelines


Educational material on child support and child cost studies


Continuing Legal Education seminars




Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminars


NOTE: The February 20, 2016 is the revised date for the January 23, 2016

seminar that was postponed due to severe winter weather

Seminar Announcement 



Saturday afternoon, February 20, 2016

The Mansour Center, Marietta, GA


Sponsored by

Rogers Economics, Inc.

Peachtree City, GA 30269



4 regular CLE hours for GA attorneys




This seminar is continually evolving.  It starts by condensing key issues on explaining the basics about Income Shares child support guidelines, traditional rebuttal arguments, and making sure you comply with procedures for deviating.  Underlying facts about selected deviation factors are explained. Then the focus shifts to how to quickly build analysis and exhibits for your Word documents for courtroom arguments. 

The updated seminar tools include a new Excel version of the deviation calculator which covers more deviation factors.  Importantly, you can copy and paste all exhibits into Word!

  • The seminar software now includes an Excel version of the Fulton County version of Rule 24.2 domestic relations financial affidavit.  As soon as you register for this CLE class, the Excel Fulton County financial affidavit is emailed to you—you can make life easier even before the seminar!
  • Many deviations are covered—ranging from travel expenses to day care tax credit to parenting time to agreement of the parties among others. And many special topics are covered such as child dependency exemptions and appellate requirements for when the oldest child emancipates.
  • However, a new area of discussion is on the deviation for payment of the custodial parent’s mortgage.  This covers tax effects (which can improve combined net income) and interaction with alimony.  Yes, this goes a little out of the box and IRS regulations on alimony likely are not what you think.  Just because the judge says it is alimony doesn’t mean the IRS agrees.

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