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Georgia Parenting Time Deviation Calculator

Free Download

Georgia’s child support guidelines allow the court to consider deviations from the presumptive award for various factors such as parenting time, travel expenses, day care tax credits, and others. Many lawyers fail to argue for deviations although they can save their clients thousands of dollars a year.

This free version provides the most common and complex calculation: a reduction in the presumptive child support award for parenting time. The full version is part of the materials provided with the CLE seminar on child support deviations given by Rogers Economics, Inc.

Use of the exhibits from this calculator should help argue a parenting time deviation, but does not guarantee a deviation as they are at the court's discretion. The Georgia Court of Appeals has made arguing for a parenting time deviation not as simple as one might expect. A key case is discussed in the manual for the deviation strategies seminar.

Download Free Calculator (Excel)
Download Quick Start Guide (MS Word)
Download Manual (MS Word)

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